A project log for Autonomous tracked robotic platform UGV

One of my most advanced projects to date. A tracked robotic development platform that [hopefully] raises the bar for hobby robotics.

Maximiliano PalayMaximiliano Palay 10/14/2021 at 22:300 Comments

This phase was one of the most enjoyable until now. Seeing everything coming together to form the robot was amazing.

With every part already made, I had to prepare the electronics before assembling.

This stage required a bunch of soldering of connectors and cables and assembling the batteries.

You can see most of the process in the following assembly time-lapse.

Batteries were made out of recycled Lithium Ion laptop cells, in a 6s2p configuration. These were tested prior to assembly.

Bear in mind there are some parts of the build missing. As an example, I assembled the batteries, and then had to reassemble due to some issues. I captured the first take only.


In the process I noticed some flaws on design that made the assembly a nick harder. Some of these were:

Robot assembled without top cover
Robot assembled without top cover

Warning: soldering batteries is an extremely dangerous practice. I do not condone this activity. Do at your own risk.

If you were to make something similar, you can always use classic hobby packs.