Since 2008, I was building my own AOI system on X86+Windows. Just as most engineers, the first solution is trying to build from OpenCV. After the real testing, we found the performance is not suitable for the specification what my customer ask for. So, we gave up that project. This experience is the motivation for building my own library. 

It took me almost 8 months, and I called my customer for asking the situation of that project. My customer said some other supplier had offered them that machine, it is workable, but still under their expectation.

It gave me a new opportunity to persuade my customer to try my system again.

After 2 months, my system was led in my customer's production line. and my customer is comfortable for my system, and further 2 months after, they placed the second order, and that's not a 'one set' order.

The followed links is the Videos what the system is working, and the system is also modified for examining the Laptop's keyboard and labels in one of my customer's production line in mainland China.

RAM Module Label Printing Quality Examination

Laptop Label Checking

Laptop Keyboard's Language Character Checking

Since the pandemic of COVID-19, I'd just have the time to work out the porting job to Raspberry Pi without too much disturbance.

The followed link is the demo of the software which had been simplified for the 'Embedded' version.

Embedded Template Match Inspection on Raspberry Pi 4

The first version of PCB layout is just worked out. Keep going ...