An efficient way to minimize the usage of water for our daily needs.

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Designed and built to regulate the usage of water in our day-to-day activities and use it in an efficient way such that every drop of water is saved.

I choose to build an eco faucet as it saves water in every home and even helps people to get aware such that they start to make use of less water for daily activities.

  • 1 × Arduino UNO/NANO Brain of the project
  • 1 × Water flow sensor To detect the amount of water flow
  • 1 × Solenoid Valve Electric valve to maintain the flow of water
  • 1 × 5V Relay To control the solenoid valve
  • 1 × Bread board

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  • 1
    Daily Usage of Water

    The main aim is to check the daily water usage at home and prepare a table of daily usage.

  • 2
    1. Understand the use of water flow sensor and solenoid valve and make proper wiring with Arduino
    2. Adjust the quantity of water usage such that the required amount is dispensed.
    3. Use a suitable power source for the solenoid valve and make sure that the equipment doesn't get wet.
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    Future Scope
    • Able to make it compact and feasible for every household to have an eco faucet.
    • To achieve maximum pressure with less amount of water.

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Vijay wrote 09/11/2021 at 14:50 point

Great Work! Looking forward to seeing you build on this, as well as other projects from you!

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