M5 disconfort-Index Meter

The ENVIII unit is connected to the M5Stack and calculates the discomfort index and display graph.

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Anyway, it's been a hot summer in Sapporo this year!
The humidity, if not the temperature, was hotter than usual, so I thought, "Well, what about the discomfort index, which is not used on TV recently?
I looked up the calculation formula and tried to display it, and found that it matched my experience very well, so I decided to use it. I used an analog meter to make it easier to read, and made the graph drawing part into a library. The data is sent to ambient ( graphed, so you can review it later and remember the hot summer. The screen display and transmission to ambient are done in parallel by multitasking.

By connecting the ENV III unit to the M5Stack, the discomfort index is calculated from the temperature and humidity measurements, displayed on an analog meter, and sent to Ambient for graphing.
The code is

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