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A project log for Fl3xWatchOLED

Simple Flexible watch based on stm8l151f3 and EPW1404AA1 flexible display.

tinlethaxTinLethax 09/14/2021 at 02:170 Comments

Update : I came to an agreement with seller that I will bought another one with some little discount. But I ended up paid full amount by accident (I should've wait the seller for the new listing ;P). So the excess is for another cheapo 128x64 OLED display. 

yesterday I received the adapter PCB. After some code debugging I be able to get the display up and running. However, the Display panel seems broken by some unknown reason. Only middle region looks normal but around them look really faint. I use the command 0xA5 to turn all the dots on and that confirmed that the display is broken. I contacted to seller waiting for reply today after I talked with the seller last night. More about this soon but here's is the image of it up and running.