Moving closer to first Prototype !

A project log for Fl3xWatchOLED

Simple Flexible watch based on stm8l151f3 and EPW1404AA1 flexible display.

tinlethaxTinLethax 09/16/2021 at 16:030 Comments

Right now I be able to complete the Time / Date setting part of the watch, so overall features are

- Display Time in this format

Current Time:

- Display Date in this format, Note that XX is 01-99

Current Date:

 - Left / Right Joystick button is for navigating through menus (now only two, Time and Date).

- To enter the setting mode, just navigate to Time menu or Date menu, and double press the center joystick button. Use Left / Right button to move the cursor (underscore as a cursor), Up / Down button for Increase / Decrease the value.

- Leap year capable, 29th FEB supported, month 13 proof.

- Left handed mode (still using in-code #define, Will make the proper setting menu later).