Starting to look a lot like Zero

A project log for Zero, the Nightmare Before Christmas dog

Zero is Jack Skellington's dog from the Halloween/Christmas movie Nightmare Before Christmas. I'm hoping to build a semi-animatronic version

Kenneth ZabornyKenneth Zaborny 09/16/2021 at 20:360 Comments

Today I worked on the skeleton (no pun intended) for Zero. I've got a lot of scrap PVC so it was the obvious choice of material. 

Zero is very fluid when he flies so it shape changes a lot. I wanted a bit of a flat Zero so I angled the PVC with 45 degree couplers. Hopefully the material will flow like I imagine. None of this is glued yet so I'll be able to play with sizes and lengths. 

This fabric has been hanging around my house since before I moved in. I never threw it out because "it had to be good for something" and today's something is a mock up of what I am aiming for. I'm not sold on the angle of Zero's head yet.. I thought that having him looking up might be good so he'll be looking at the faces of kids instead of straight ahead. We'll see once I get him on the ground.