Upcycling: Laptop gets a VT100 Terminal

Reusing an outdated Laptop as a VT100 Terminal

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I'm BOFH of the school where I teach Computer Science and had a few donated outdated Laptops lying aroung wondering what to do about them.

When one of my colleagues asked me to reset her password an old wish popped up again, namely having a simple terminal which can be used solely for such a purpose or being handy when accessing a networking switch or something else directly without starting up a PC and logging in with a browser.

It was then when I came across Geoff's project here creating the hardware for a VT100 terminal less the size of a raspi and hardware for re-using LCD displays of old laptops.

This fueled my idea and I decided to present this project here on HACKADAY.

  • Up to now (Sep 6 2021) I took an old laptop, disassembled it, made the display work, found a reseller of Geoff's Hardware and built ithe kit.
  • The next step will be the casing, which I want to maybe host a raspi, too.
  • Nov 13 2021:
    Decided how the casing should look like (uploaded the sketch into the gallery)

  • Decided on the final casing

    Edgar Kogler11/13/2021 at 14:06 0 comments

    This is the final sketch of my casing.

    I dropped the idea including a raspi.

  • Start of the project

    Edgar Kogler09/11/2021 at 14:19 0 comments

    Up to now (Sep 6 2021) I reached the following:

    -) disassembled an old Laptop for the display

    -) tested the LCD-Displaycontroler successfully

    -) bought and assembled Geoff's VT100 (V1.0) Kit and added an RS232 Adaptor ( from a Paspi-Shop ;-) )

    -) sketching a variety of cases including the VT100-Kit and an Raspi

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