Product Specifications


Type: DC to DC Automatic Boost Buck Converter (non-isolated synchronous rectification)
Architecture: For all electronics
Installation Method: With 4 pieces of 3mm screws
Operating Temperature: - 40°C ~ 85°C
Operating Frequency: 150 KHz
Conversion Efficiency: 96% (maximum)
Module Protection: Over current (with 10A fuse), short circuit and over-temperature protection (output voltage will decrease if over temperature)
Note: There is no input transposition protection, however, if necessary, you can connect a diode on the module's input port.


Input Voltage: +5 - +32 volts
Input Current: 8A (maximum)
Constant Current: <= 6A
Quiescent Operating Current: 3mA
Output Voltage: +1.25 - +20 volts
Output Current: 5A (maximum)

Weight and Size Dimensions
Product Weight: 40g
Product Size (L x W x H): 6 x 4 x 3 cm

Product Review

Since this module has multiple uses in the electronic field, this boost buck converter accompanies a lot of decent factors which include:
1. Its high efficiency within its output voltage range, around 90% or more so that it can maintain its power while being stepped up or down.
2. The module's various amounts of protection, so that the components on-board, the load and you, will be safe from any live electricity.
3. Its wide voltage ranges, which can be used for most of your hobby electronics, and the module's ability to handle 8 amps of high current.
4. The 4 mounting holes on this converter to hook it up on any surface and its overall compact size.
5. The fact that there is a heatsink located at the bottom of this converter for heat dissipation so this converter doesn't get hot when working with large
amounts of power.

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