The shaky start!

A project log for Super 8 digitiser

Aiming for a low cost but high quality way of copying from super 8 cine film to a modern digital format.

The_MekonThe_Mekon 09/09/2021 at 20:220 Comments

Here's my first attempt at a capture. I'm driving my projector with an old motor from a video recorder via some gears that came out of a flatbed scanner. My light source is a 50W LED which I've masked off with some foil. This projects onto a piece of card which I photograph with my mobile 'phone. As yet there's no sync between the projector an the camera - it just takes a shot every three seconds, which is close to the projector's frame rate. I used FFMPEG to combine the frames and came up with the file below. There are a few jumps where the camera moves, and horrendous keystoning - but I think it has potential