Quadrupted TOY Robot "M5QSpider"

This is a small quadruped robot using M5Stack.

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First of all, create a group for notifications in the LINE app and follow the instructions in the article below to obtain a LINE Notify token.

Notify the IP address assigned to the M5ATOM when it is connected to a wireless LAN via LINE

Since the M5Stack screen will display a face, it notifies this group chat of the IP address for the web controller.

1. Design the body by Fusion360 and print the parts, assemble them.

2. Since it must control 9 servos, use the Servo Module, which uses PCA9685 (NXP Semiconductors) as the servo controller, replace the connector from Angle to Straight and integrate inside.

3. Describe the servo control for each motion in ArduinoIDE and assign it to each button of the web controller.

See the video for details.

The parts are designed with a simple structure that is easy to output with a 3D printer. The TOY servos (SG-90) are used to reduce the cost.

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