Breadboard prototype

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Arduino-compatible development platform whose primary function is a clock

mihai.cuciucmihai.cuciuc 10/12/2021 at 18:370 Comments

Don't feel like committing to getting PCBs made and then soldering a handful of SMD components? How about trying it out on a breadboard first? After all, this is how it all started.

You'll need:

 - 1x Arduino Nano

 - 1x DS3231 RTC module

 - 1x Addressable LED ring with 24 LEDs

 - 2x 10 kOhm resistors

 - 1x Pushbutton

 - 1x Light dependent resistor (LDR)

 - Breadboard, wires, soldering iron (for the LED ring as it doesn't come with anything connected to the pads)

Use the firmware from GitHub

Wiring diagram and a picture of what you can expect to get: