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A project log for Sol-20 Reproduction

I am making a full sized Sol-20 reproduction, the first fully assembled microcomputer with a built-in keyboard and television output.

Michael GardiMichael Gardi 09/16/2021 at 16:290 Comments

Normally when I undertake a reproduction project like this, I spend a lot of time on the internet researching my intended target. Usually the information I need is scattered across many sites and is often hard to find. Not this time though.

Jim Battle has done an amazing job of gathering a huge treasure trove of Sol-20 materials into one site. A one stop shop for the would be Sol-20 replicator, or anyone with an interest in this wonderful retro computer.  Not only that, Jim created a great Sol-20 emulator Solace which stands for Sol Anachronistic Computer Emulation. I especially like his virtual cassette interface.

With much attention to detail it faithfully simulates reading tapes at either 300 or 1200 bits per second and will complain if data was "saved" at 300 and you try to read it back at 1200 :-)  Of course you can turn these "features" off.  Very cool.

Thanks Jim for all your hard work.