Handheld Readout Device(HRD) for Sensors

Readout Device for all I2C Sensors

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Recycling of material that would otherwise end up in the waste stream.

HRD for Sensors is the quick solution to quality check
I2C Interface-Sensors with 16-bit commands.

Set measurement commands for data acquisition
and readout the measurements results.

For that purpose the handheld device must be wired to the Sensor
via its I2C interface.

Tested Firmware Version for SENSIRION SHT3X-DIS

Sensor probing requests.

0x44 Address "SHT3X-DFLT"

0x45 Address "SHT3X-ALT"

Power management for the LC-Display.

Display will be scrolled (11 digits).

HRD can be connected to external devices like personal computers to transfer and store the extracted technical data.

Similar project: Handheld Readout Device(HRD) for Battery Management Systems (8-bit commands)


Next generation of Data Logger for varied range support of Sensors.

Code Snippets

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    /*! List of items which can be displayed
     * This array contains a list of items that can be displayed on the LCD.
     * Element 0 is a special case, it shows the name, version, and date of
     * the firmware image.  Usually up/down push buttons are used to select
     * the item to be displayed.
     * The order of these items may be rearranged by the user.  Single or
     * groups of entries can be de-activated by commenting them out.
static const ITEM l_Item[] =
{  // [1234567890123456]    Cmd                                            Frmt
{ ">>> SHT3X-D <<<",          SBS_NONE,                                 FRMT_FW_VERSION  },
{ "Sensor at SMBus",           SBS_NONE,                                 FRMT_SENS_CTRL    },
{ "Supply Battery",               SBS_NONE,                                 FRMT_CR2032_BAT  },
{ "Soft Reset",                      SBS_SOFT_RESET,                     FRMT_HEX     },
{ "Serial Number",               SBS_READ_SERIAL_NUMBER,   FRMT_HEX    },

/*!@brief Probe List of supported Sensor Controllers */
static const BC_INFO l_ProbeList[] =
{  //  addr    type        name (maximum 10 characters!)
    {  0x88,    BCT_SHT3X_DFLT,    "SHT3X-DFLT"    },  // 0x44 Address 7 MSBs 0x88
    {  0x8A,    BCT_SHT3X_ALT,    "SHT3X-ALT",    },  // 0x45 Address 7 MSBs 0x8A
    {  0x00,    BCT_UNKNOWN,    ""        }   // End of the list};

/*!@brief SBS Commands
 * These are the defines for the registers of the sensor controller.  Each
 * define contains the following bit fields:
 * - Bit 26:24...

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  • 1 × Housing TEKO Mod.10008
  • 3 × Phoenix Contact MC 1.5/ 3-G-3.81 manufacturer number: 1803280
  • 24 × PTR Socket housing-cable AK(Z)1550 manufacturer number: 51550030025F
  • 1 × Pin Header, vertical to increase display height. manufacturer number: MK01/50 Z.
  • 1 × 5GSH935+1SS09-12.0 (Button)

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  • May update

    Peter Loës06/10/2022 at 08:20 0 comments

    Did first test for Vishay "VCNL4040"  Fully Integrated Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor with Infrared Emitter comibined with Sensirion "SCD30"  CO2, humidity, and temperature sensor.

  • power and energy-efficiency features

    Peter Loës04/07/2022 at 08:29 0 comments

    To achieve its power and energy-efficiency features, EFM32 products utilize ultralow active and idle power, fast wakeup and processing times, and most important, the ability to intelligently interact with peripherals and sensors autonomously without waking up the CPU and consuming more power.

    C is the Greenest Programming Language.

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