AUG Computer 1

Developing a new 8 bit computer, in time for Christmas.

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It's the early 1980s, it's nearly Christmas, and everyone seems to be releasing new computers. Management has decided we need to release a new computer too. I have one month to create a new computer from scratch. Some corners may need to be cut.

Back in the present day…

I'm going to try creating a 1980s style 8-bit computer from scratch. Most of my electronics kit is in storage at the moment, so I'll be building it using an FPGA board instead. I've already developed a new 8-bit CPU, which I've named the AUG processor after my great grandfather, August Maramaa (

What else will it have? Well, I don't exactly know yet. I'll need to write some kind of operating system. Maybe a text only system which connects to a terminal. Maybe it's the 1970s?
  • 1 × QMTech Bajie Board XC7Z010 FPGA board with a Xilinx Zync 7010 FPGA, 512Mb RAM, HDMI/Ethernet/USB ports, SD Card.

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