My high school physics class coil gun.

I was having too much fun back then and not doing enough physics, so Mr. Vassos allowed me to build this for extra credit.

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I likely made this in one night in the late eighties with just parts I found in the garage. I had no real understanding of the dangers of mains voltage, and probably cut up a tent pole for the barrel. But I wired it to a 120V NEMA plug and to my surprise Mr. Vassos plugged it in untested at class the next day, I dropped a steel 10p nail down the barrel and it slid down to make contact with the back plate, then ZOT! the circuit breaker blew in the classroom, lights went out, and the nail shot out only a couple feet, bloop onto the floor. But it worked! You can still see the burn mark from the one and only test fire. Success! I got the extra credit.

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LavinaCummings wrote 08/15/2022 at 14:41 point

My physics class had a coil gun which was used to demonstrate the principles of magnetic force. The coil gun consisted of a magnet and an iron wire. The magnet was on the end of a stick and the iron wire was coiled around the stick. When the iron wire was pulled, it caused the magnet to rotate. The coil gun is a great way to demonstrate how magnets work because you can use it to see how the force is not always in the same direction. I also have to know about gun control laws and for it I will visit article where I can find the best essay examples on this topic before I start writing my own essay about it.

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