Sym-1, a 6502 Phoenix​

A project log for Sym-1 A 6502 Phoenix!

A simple filing system for a Sym-1 with the Resident Assembler and Editor

rob-wardRob Ward 09/17/2021 at 03:290 Comments

Serial Interface: Use an USB FTDI board to interface the Sym-1 to a modern terminal

Sym-1 connections: 8bit 6522 parallel port to the Mega2560+handshake

Sym-1 and MFS filing system:  Mega Filing System saves to SD Card

S3 and L3 commands in MFS: Extending the Sym-1 monitor

Sym-1 Memory Expansion: 64k of RAM from Corsham Technologies

Inspiration for the MFS: Banish the Cassette from your nightmares!!!

Memory Allocation and Jumpers: How to allocate memory space to RAM and EPROM

EPROM Programmer: How to program an 8Kb EPROM with little more than a Mega2560

RAE, The Resident Assembler and Editor:

Background to this Project: Long term memories, and distant ramblings