Second Demonstration and Some Ideas for Future Improvements

A project log for Decoration Control

An Arduino shield designed to turn on and off small holiday decorations.

Kody Alan RogersKody Alan Rogers 10/29/2021 at 02:310 Comments

While setting up my two demonstrations I have had a few ideas and observations.

First the observations:

  1. There are a lot of wires involved in laying out lights, and they can be annoying.
  2. A lot of decorations operate with battery power, so they could not be integrated into this project.
  3. Video files take up a lot of room and it is not as easy as I thought to make a good YouTube video.

Now the ideas:

  1. Putting an AC to DC converter right on the board might be a good idea to cut at least one wire out.
  2. Making a version that would work with MKR boards may be cool since you could turn them on and off remotely which would be cool.
  3. Making a version that turned on and off DC voltages might be a good idea so that a wider variety of decorations could be controlled.

Below is the link to the second demonstration, and later tonight there may be a PCB assembly video but I am not sure if I will figure out my editing software before the 11 pm deadline (Halloween hackfest). Either way that video will eventually be up and I'd give it a 90% shot of it being up sometime this weeked.