Project Helen

A Backpack robot, design to keep an eye out for ya.

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Helen is a wearable robot backpack. She uses A.I to do facial recognition, to make sure people are wearing mask in this COVID era. She moves around looking for a face, when she spots one she begins playing tones to alert me there is someone not wearing a mask. she also has the ability to come out of her container to be worn facing frontwards as well.

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Mike Szczys wrote 09/27/2021 at 18:12 point

It's an interesting study in computer vision that she can spot a face even when the lower half is obscured. Is facial recognition most commonly dependent on finding eyes? How did you manage a training set for mask recognition, and do you find it reliable? I would think the variation in mask geometry, color, and pattern would be a challenge.

I love the aesthetic of the umbilical!

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