Exporting data as QR code

A project log for Smart Response XE word processor.

Pocket typewriter thing, intended for light-to-moderate text editing, without distractions a more advanced device would bring.

abundanceofpotentialusesAbundanceOfPotentialUses 10/09/2021 at 21:040 Comments

A measure of success!

Using this nice and compact library for generating QR codes in C I added some export functions to the editor. This approach is not without flaws... the biggest QRcode to fit on the screen can only carry about 1.5k of data, so larger pages need to be split into several codes, and then stitched together, and the code generation is somewhat slow- the aforementioned largest possible code takes about 22 seconds of processing. The main advantages include: it just works, actually didn't take that long to integrate, and it doesn't need a custom decoder.

So now all basic functionality is in place. My next plans include: