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A project log for Smart Response XE word processor.

Pocket typewriter thing, intended for light-to-moderate text editing, without distractions a more advanced device would bring.

abundanceofpotentialusesAbundanceOfPotentialUses 10/31/2021 at 22:320 Comments

So I got distracted by the freshly added USB feature, and I adapted the USBaspLoader (to be precise a more up-to-date fork by Stephan Bärwolf), this bootloader is compatible with avrdude. I think the only changes needed were pin assignements, and like 6 lines in the main include to add support for atmega128rfa1 (copy-pasted from atmega1284 because they're almost the same, except for the radio part). And it worked right away. And it's actually faster than the hardware ICSP dongle I was using.

Then I spend more time crafting nicer and more convenient to install USB port boards...

But eventually, I got around to implementing the status bar: it lists battery status (as in voltage), current page, size of the current page in bytes and words(for NaNoWriMo), and gives a rough estimate of your place on the page.

Function keys are now:

The project is now published on github. Though the code is a mess.

To do: