1-Bit CPU useing Open Loop Op-Amps

using the lm324n quad 1mhz op amp to build simple logic; which are then used to create a simple CPU

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Expanding on the flowing Quora post:, I managed to build a prototype ALU. Building one section at a time I will expand on this to see how many pieces of a functioning computer can be built in this way.

This is going to eventually be a 1 bit CPU with a 4 bit control register.   I have made no real plans beyond this point.  I will most likely build a set of 1 bit latches (master / slave falling edge d-latches), and some kind of register set for working with 4 or 8 bit numbers loaded from a 8 bit bus.  I have not decided on an architecture though this project is going to be very much inspired by the UE14500 being built by David from Usagi Electric, which is a vacuum tube computer based on the MC14500 Industrial Control Unit. 

  • Proof of concept completed

    Dave Collins09/22/2021 at 03:15 0 comments

    I completed an initial proof of concept; which is a simple ALU.  The current proof of concept has 1 bug which is the carry / borrow big resolves; even if the MU (math unit) is not selected. This is due to the proof of concept resolving all of the functions and only outputting the selected function.   The next logical step is to create a control register which will allow only 1 function to output.   The ALU currently supports the following functions add with carry, subtract with borrow, AND, OR, and XOR (and their inverse values).

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