Robot Soccer Kit

Tracked omniwheel robots that can play soccer and more!

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After participating multiple times to RoboCup (humanoid kid size league), we really think that robots playing soccer are a really cool way to learn and challenge yourself!

Inspired by RoboCup leagues, and aiming at high school and undergraduate students, this setup might be a real asset for pedagogical situations.

Two teams compete by programming; one is controlling blue robots and the other reds!

The goal is to develop a soccer robots setup featuring:
- 100% open-source components
- Affordable (ideally around 1000$)
- 4 omniwheel robots equiped with solenoid kickers (to play 2v2 games)
- Vision based tracking system using markers (like ARUCO) on the robots
- Python high level API to control the robots

We already developed a platform and are still improving it, we are also considering making it a new league for local competitions.

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Umar56-khan wrote 04/12/2022 at 05:53 point

I am running a blog that gives information about different features of a game. It will be a good practice to play video games before jumping into the real world of robots. Here is the site

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