Nixie Clock Controller v2

Second generation universal nixie clock controller.

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The most overpowered 6-tube nixie clock controller ever created.

The previous generation had a few issues (see project page:, this generation will aim to address all of them.

All project files are open source on Github under the CC BY-SA (hardware) and BSD-3 (software) license. (

WARNING: This project contains EXPOSED and UNMARKED HIGH VOLTAGE contacts, replicate at your own risk.

Goals & Features

- Drive 6 large tubes with up to 8mA each

- WiFi interface

- Minimal RTC drift

- WiFi and/or GNSS time synchronization

- Independent cathode current control

- Cathode poisoning reduction & extended lifetime

Feel free to suggest more features in the comments, all ridiculous ideas are welcome, this is the most overpowered nixie controller after all.

  • Power Supply

    Daniel He10/05/2021 at 23:10 0 comments

    Commit 98d33ef

    Mostly component optimizations based on v1 power supply design with MAX1771 boost controller.

    3 different inductor values are tested: 15uH, 47uH, and 150uH. 47uH seems to be the sweet spot for maximum current output @ 12V input.

    Hottest spot on the power supply reaches thermal equilibrium @ around 65 degrees C.

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