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    This basically sens the distance by releasing a sound which reflects back to it and it will run the motors. 

    there are 4 pins in it. The vcc, Trig , Echo, and GND. follopw the figure as it shows.

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    Choosing the Right Distance Sensor for Your ApplicationThe working principle, applications and limitations of ultrasonic sensors


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    The motors will controlled by motor driver which is connected to Arduino Nano.The MOTORS will attach on the OUTPUTS of Motor Driver. Then, attach IN1, IN2  ( as motor 1 )  and the IN3, IN4  (as motor 2) with the PWM pins  of Arduino.The ENA of motor driver controlled the speed and they'll also connect with PWM Pin of Arduino.Now, Giving electric power to motor Driver to provide power in Arduino and Motors. There are three pins, 12-V, 5V and GND. 5V will attach on 5V of Arduino and GND will attach on GND of arduino Now we provide power in Motor Driver. Connect an ADAPTER 12-V connect +ve (red) wire with 12V and Connect-ve with GND of  MOTOR DRIVER  (black).Now the power will given to MOTOR DRIVER  and it gives 5V to Arduino.

    L298N Motor Driver Module Pinout, Datasheet, Features & Specs

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    We make  reciprocating motion by DC GEAR MOTORS.

    As in figure you see.

    Motors and Motion : 7 Steps - Instructables

    First we choose to use the Servo Motor do play the Drum But it doesn't worked.Then we moped on DC Gear Motor, the toy tire is attached on it. The prototype we made and tested it as how it can works.

    we attached it to batterys to check this. 

    After that we made it permananetly.

    And Finally we made it.