Overview of Project

A project log for Reimagining Duo Pop

Breathe new life into your Duo Pop, a discontinued iOS peripheral device, with the help of Adafruit's QT Py RP2040.

JTJT 09/25/2021 at 00:440 Comments

I came across an old tutorial about the Duo Pop on the Adafruit website about a year ago. It used Duo Pop's original control board and a Pro Trinket 5V logic development board. Adafruit doesn't recommend makers purchase it for new projects and only have them available for maintaining old projects.

The project removed the functionality of the original speaker, LED, and switch. It did utilize the Pro Trinket's LED and acted as a USB keyboard. 

I hope to use all the original hardware and to make it a stand-alone device. I will use the QT Py's NeoPixel to identify the order of the buzzer presses. The original piezo speaker and LED will be used to identify when an action has been completed, e.g. on buzzer press recorded, end of the round, and on reset. The button will be used to reset the round and on long-press toggle the speaker on and off.