Project Complete ~ August 2021

A project log for GamecubePC

The complete Gamecube computer that replicates original functionality and adds several new features without sacrificing performance.

RetroModderRetroModder 09/24/2021 at 21:040 Comments

I designed a standoff bracket for the Mayflash adapter to fit on top of the original controller port board. It started out as this simple rectangular mount, and then carved it down to a minimal bracket once I had all of the hole locations aligned.

And then I assembled the first unit for testing.

To further improve the design, I added a pair of intake and exhaust fans which required modification to the standoffs. I had a spare ASRock mSTX motherboard so I coupled that with an Intel i5-7600k processor, 8GB of Crucial DDR4-2666, and a 250GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD, and installed it in a platinum shell.

For the exterior 3D printed parts, I found a paint that matched closely to the original Platinum Gamecube color. I then designed a PCB that would act as a Fan Hub for the intake and exhaust fans, and mounts opposite of the Power Switch PCB. Since the ASRock motherboard only has one fan header for the CPU, I had to use that to branch off to the other two fans. The GigaByte motherboard has both a CPU and accessory fan header, so I also designed a PCB for use with that.

This second build will be used primarily as a demonstrator or for prototyping new parts. With the top shell unscrewed from the standoffs, it can easily be taken off or put on in a matter of seconds - the whole assembly goes together very smoothly.