Pump House Monitor

Monitoring the outdoor pump house that pulls water from a well to supply the house with water.

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This project is going to start as only temperature monitoring combined with an alert to give a warning if the pump house is getting close to freezing. Eventually, I want to add a pressure sensor as well to alert if the pump is not working correctly.

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    Kody Alan Rogers09/25/2021 at 16:27 0 comments

    I just set up a basic temperature monitor in the pump house using the MKR WiFi. The code currently has no alert system enabled, but that is next on the list.

    Also, I know the instructions are not very good and hopefully, they will be improved at a later date.

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    Wire the board

    Place the AM2302 sensor on the board along with the MKR 1010 and wire them together following this great article on Adafruit:

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    Set up a 'Thing' on the Arduino IoT cloud

    I configured the 'Thing' with one variable (a float) to hold the temperature and I called it inner_temperature. If you have not configured an IoT cloud 'Thing' before I would check out this great tutorial:

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    Upload the Code

    If you upload it from the Arduino IDE ensure the 'Thing ID' is correct since your 'Thing ID' will be different from mine.

    If you upload it from the browser editor then you should be able to just copy and past the .ino code from the Github and hopefully, it will work.

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