Version 2 Hardware

A project log for OMNi

A modular, semi-autonomous, omnidirectional robot for telepresent applications

Will DonaldsonWill Donaldson 09/26/2021 at 21:270 Comments

Version 2 of the robot has largely the same layout however we focused on creating an aesthetically pleasing robot shell that is friendly and inspires curiosity. The blog details the build procedure however it is a labor-intensive design, for this reason, we designed the mounting mechanism such that the wooden shell can be removed by unscrewing the bolts and replacing it with a different shell (i.e. a different, mass-produced shell).

During our design process, we did create one design inspired by artist David C. Roy, however, due to the design complexity, we did not pursue it. Nonetheless, it is a design we would like to share in the video below. Unlike our static shell, this design would use an inner and outer shell spinning in opposite directions at a constant velocity creating an enchanting optical illusion.

1/4" aluminium plate CNC fabricated
Each piece is made of two laser cut 1/8" bamboo wood glued together
Bottom platform
Electrical platform
Jig for curving two layers of 35x35cm 1/8" bamboo sheets
Sheets of 35x35cm bamboo are bent and then cut down to 15mm strips
Gluing bamboo strips to the laser cut bamboo rings (note that the bamboo rings lift up and over the robot allowing for access when servicing the robot)
Hand cut strips to (approximately) match the curve of wheel

CAM fabrication of top plate
CAM fabrication of top plate
Ipad bamboo frame