A project log for Handheld UVC LED disinfector

Using the highest power germicidal LEDs currently available, paired with lithium ion batteries in a portable footprint.

MarkCMarkC 10/05/2021 at 18:350 Comments

Here's a side by side comparison to a store-bought model which uses a small fluorescent bulb. A pair of phosphorescent indicator cards will help expose the ultraviolet light for comparison.

UVC light is invisible to cameras and human eyes, what we are seeing is the very edge of the spectrum emitted by these lights which falls into the visible range (and some bleaches which will partially convert UVC to white light). Human corneas and nearly all artificial optic materials will absorb these wavelengths.

[Chart below is for illustrative purposes only] 

The fluorescent bulb (left) emits a visible 'ice blue' color over a wide area, but the LEDs (right) emit noticeably more intense UVC. Images were taken with each light at a 2 inch distance.