Driving WS2812B LED's was fun... What's next?

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Complete 6502 single board computer with 50x29 lines "VGA" output and PS/2 input

Anders NielsenAnders Nielsen 01/05/2022 at 15:360 Comments

As some people have noticed I managed to rainbow some WS2812B LED's with my SBC.

Since I'm writing a wireless bootloader(surprise!) I think I will take the rainbow code and move it to "userland" instead of keeping it as a permanent part of the ROM..  Or maybe I will keep the basic "send pixel" subroutines so the firmware will still reset LED's on boot and you can call subroutine addresses from userland by simply setting R G and B zero page locations.

Either way I don't feel code organization is my strong side and the current zero page layout can really use a manual defragmentation. 

I always meant for my SBC to have a simple "monitor" firmware that is barely able to let the user type in assembly programs. 

I have a feeling the upper limit of the firmware will be a(very) simple resident assembler + disassembler - typing mnemonics straight to RAM might be "fun". 

As for hardware changes I still haven't had a chance to test the "VGA" output reset modification  and I really want to switch out the 4 bit counters with tristate 8 bit counters ( 74HC590's should work.. Right?) so I only need '245's on 6502 side... And for now sadly the PMS171B since I can't tristate that either.  That thing really has to go :) 

Lot's of things to do and not much time to do them...