PCB Annotations added to silkscreen

A project log for 6502 SBC

Complete 6502 single board computer with 50x29 lines "VGA" output and PS/2 input

Anders NielsenAnders Nielsen 10/30/2021 at 12:260 Comments

I always tend try to get things into production fast. This has a tendency to involve limited redundant information - said another way: I don't add silkscreen information already present on the schematic.

I believe I've reached a point where I know another revision of this board is coming eventually , so I decided to add some silkscreen text - if nothing else, so I don't forget that the broken out data and address busses have LSB on the left when the VGA port is pointing away from you :) 

Note: The hasn't been updated this time - if you are about to send them off to manufacture, maybe replot them from Kicad :)