PCBs are an important part of the development of any electronic product. They provide an easy & neat way of connecting components together. Since, insurance of quality from design to production is so critical that, any failure at any point in the process could lead to a great loss of money and delay in a timeline, since the existence of several EDA software to make sure the reliable design, the main focus being on ensuring a manufacturer that is worth its cost, is the center of choice for the manufacturing of the designs. One such manufacturer with experience is JCLPCB.

Today, we will examine their services and why you should probably choose them as PCB manufacturers for your next PCB project.


PCB Instant Quote

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2$ PCB Prototype

JLCPCB is one of the most experienced PCB fabricators in China. Having experience in the PCB fabrication industry of over 15 years, providing some of the most advanced PCBs with assembly technologies in terms of the highest quality, fastest delivery turnaround as fast as 24 hours, lowest prices, and the most helpful customer service in the industry. You can count on JLCPCB to meet your needs, from the simplest boards to the most complex designs for small quantity and large-scale production.

How To Place an Order

  1. Request an Online Quote from the website.
  2. Sign up / Login to the website.
  3. Upload the PCB file.
  4. Review the file and proceed to the payment option.
  5. JLCPCB supports Payment methods like PayPal, Western Union, and ordinary bank transfer.
  6. When the fabrication is complete, the PCB will be delivered to your address.

Key Services

Some of the core services offered by JLCPCB are as following

  • Material Sourcing
  • PCB Manufacturing.
  • PCB Assembly.
  • SMT & Through-hole assembly with wave soldering
  • Fault Analysis & Troubleshooting.
  • 100% E-test & Functional Testing Support.
  • Competitive shipping methods: DHL, FedEx, UPS, SF-Express, EMS, etc.
  • Customer Support.