In printed circuit boards, the base of the board is the primary part of the circuit. And, we have studied the substrate used as the base in PCB. But, that substrate is not thermally efficient. To meet the needs of high thermal products, here comes the metal core PCB. MCPCB is the abbreviation of the metal-core printed circuit board. It is also popular as the thermal PCB. It contains the metal material as its base. This material is usually copper or aluminum covers one side of the PCB

The main purpose of the metal core is to change the direction of heat away from the printed circuit board. Hence, it transfers the heat eight to nine times faster than the simple PCB. It also keeps the components cool. As a result, efficiency and performance of for it increases. It prevents the circuit from damages.

Metal Core PCB

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Thickness and Material for Metal Core

Metal Core PCB
  • The thickness of the material uses in metal core PCB is normally 30 mil to 125il. But more than thicker or thinner from this range can be practical for desired circuits.
  • Usually, aluminum is widely used for this purpose. Copper or heavy copper is also used sometimes. Other materials like steel and brass have been used too. However, they are not recommended or preferable.