I recently received a CF210SP AM / FM Stereo Radio Kit from AliExpress. The kit contains the following components:
  -Plastic Case 
  -Small telescopic antenna
  -Self-adhesive mask with Am and FM scale
  -A brief Chinese language assembly guide containing a schematic diagram as well as a layout of the elements of the PCB
  -And all the necessary electronic components

   As you can see, the kit also contains many small elements, so this is a good example of how to learn to solder properly. As with any electronic device assembly, we first start soldering the smallest parts.

In our case, it is CD9088 SMD integrated circuit. Next, we need to solder resistors and capacitors. After that, we solder coils integrated circuits, and switches. And In the end, we solder potentiometer and variable capacitor. After soldering all the components, we should first carefully inspect the entire PCB and if there is a short circuit or interruption, repair it.

    Now is the time to turn on the radio for the first time. If everything is soldered well according to the picture, the radio should start working immediately. Finally, let us conclude that the radio works quite correctly on FM and also on the AM band, certainly not expecting any great quality, but keep in mind that the cost of this kit I can freely say is insignificant.