This is an analog variable attenuator designed for VHF/UHF foxhunt applications. The attenuator is belt-worn and operates from a single 9V battery.  Current consumption is exceptionally low, so the attenuator can operate for many hours during a foxhunt. 

The attenuator supports a bypass mode that is used when first acquiring the signal. Rotating the knob immediately switches in the variable attenuator. The operator then "rides" the knob back and forth to attenuate the signal as necessary to obtain a bearing while pointing the antenna. 

I had a chance to test out the attenuator during an actual foxhunt and was pleased at how well it worked in accordance with the concept of operation. It's certainly much more convenient that using conventional step attenuators and avoids the interference problems associated with the frequency offset attenuator method. 

This is my first time posting a project on Hackaday, so cut me some slack as a newbie... (grin).