September 29.

OK. Lets get to work. 
First I make the schematics and adapt it to fit to the TBL28L22. 
This means to examine what i s needed for programming theese properly. 
It turns out that the TBL28L22 need quite a few voltages in various places at various times to be programmed safely. 
So let's look at the timing chart. 
Ther is of course, a +5V. This one should raise to +6V during programming. 
There is a +10V for the program enable on the TBL. 
There is a +16V for burning those fusible links in the TBL during programming. And they are all to occour at spesific intervals and rise-time. 

To keep the powersupply simple, but effective I bulid a combination of fixed linear regulators ans switches the voltages using transistors. 
The +16V is spesified to have a certain slope, with a risetime of about 15uSecond. This is achieved wth a simple RC-filter in the supply of the base voltage on the output transistor for the 16V. 
The other voltages are just to change status as fast as possible, prefereably within a uSecond. Simple transistorswitches is suitable to obtain this. 

I have chosen to build this programmer based on an ARDUNIO ONE. 
Forst og all, 'cause I have some lying around, and next because I so easily can obtain the number of IOs for this project as I require. 
For the ease of the build, aswell as for the quite reasonable price of it, I use a DIO 24-ARD to get 3 times 8bit IO. It's qiute simple to use with the ARDUNIO ONE, as it simply is plugged on top of the ARDUNIO, Choose a single bit from the ARDUNIOS IOs, connects the MISO and MOSI along with the I2Cbus. 
Some simple codes to adapt it all and there it is. 
A couple 74S374 is used in the same matter as Agp.Coopers design, as is the transistorswitches for the programming and veryfying of the program. 

At this pint I have no program yet, as I will have to enter the code for the TBL manually. I have no chips there is any program to download. 
I will look in to it with my software-friend, as I have no idea whatsoever to design the program needed for this programmer. 

This will take some time, and for those who have tips and recomondations, I would be very happy to see Your comments here. 

The schematics will be bompleted with spesifications as soon as possible. 


Update Oct. 4. 

Got a message from my supplier of the DIO-24 ARD: 

"We will not be able so supply theese boards until late November "


Well, I will have some time to tweak the basic design then.