Control via WEB-interface from PC, tablet or smartphone

You can control devices connected to the controller through any web browser or a special application for android devices

All controller management is carried out using a web browser. On first power-up, controller will serve a hotspot called LWRelay. For controller adjustment and manipulation open a webpage with the address.

For Wi-Fi network connection please input its SSID and password. After successful connection controller will begin to receive and transmit information over the Internet. NTP servers are used to get accurate time. To transmit temperature, humidity and barometric pressure data you can use the MQTT server and the server 

MQTT / Thingspeak

Controller can provide your home or office remote monitoring. The device can transmit the data from embedded sensors via MQTT or HTTP protocols. You can receive this data on your smartphone and PC MQTT-clients. Also this data can be transmitted to the popular monitoring service for graphical format output.

Power Supply and connection

The controller is powered by 220 volts. The controlled device is connected directly to the controller and is controlled by a built-in relay (maximum current 16 A)


There is no any FUSE for the load protection!!! Protecting your load is on your full responsibility. Making wrong connections, drawing more than rated power, contact with water or other conducting material, and other types of misuse/overuse/malfunction can all cause overheating and risk starting a fire. Test your circuit and the environment in which it is deployed thoroughly before leaving it switched on and unsupervised. AC mains is potentially lethal. Please take all necessary precautions before you start working with it!