Macropad 4chord MIDI

Compose with just four chords using Adafruit's Macropad

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The Macropad 4chord MIDI is built to play simple chord progressions as a MIDI device. You can connect the Macropad to any studio recording software that accepts MIDI devices, such as GarageBand.

Once you power on the Macropad a default progression is restored, with the root on middle C (I'm a assuming middle C is on the fourth octave). The root note is at the top left, with the major (or minor) third and perfect fifth on the middle and right keys. The key and octave can be changed by rotating the encoder dial, going up or down the chromatic scale.

As you go down the keypad, the notes follow the four chord progression listed on the screen. By default this is a I-V-vi-IV progression, so with the root at C4 you will have G4, A5, and F4 as you go down the keypad. You can rotate through some four chord progressions by pressing down on the encoder button while rotating the dial.

Includes a drum pad mode so you can add backing beats to your chords.

Installation is pretty simple - assemble a Adafruit Macropad, then follow the installation instructions in the GitHub repository's README. You can be up and running in minutes!

The Macropad needs to be connected to a digital audio workstation (DAW) or other MIDI software in order to receive the controls & keys. GarageBand, LMMS, or Ableton Live! should be able to do the job.

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