Retro TV With Raspberry Pi

Sony Micro TV from the 1960's given new life from an RPi

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Always fascinated with the design aesthetics of retro electronics, I wanted to also bring in some updated tech to maximize its capabilities. With that being said, the goal was to take a cool-looking Sony Micro TV (model: TV4-203uw) from the mid 1960's and turn it into a digital photo frame featuring vintage family photos.

Perhaps the most difficult part, was finding a combination of vintage television, with their 4:3 aspect ration screen, that will work with modern 16:9 LCD screen. You may get lucky and find a television that has the correct size for the limited number of available 4:3 LCD screens, but I wanted something a bit more compact to sit on a shelf.

Using a laser cutter, I made a retro-style 4:3 bezel out of 1/16" black acrylic (pictured was my first attempt out of black card stock, but it left a lot to be desired). I even reinstalled the old knobs for a little tactile fun.

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