Building a Tube Pump

A project log for M5Stack Color Maker

With this device, you can copy the color of an object or create a new color with your imagination.

A tube pump consists of a rotor with several rollers around it, and a tube between the rollers and the case. When the rotor is rotated, the tube is squeezed between the rollers and the case to transport the liquid or gas.

In this project, the rotor and case are made with a 3D printer, and miniature bearings are used as rollers.

The movement of the prototype tube pump is shown in the video.

As long as the tube is squeezed, liquid is pumped, and when the roller leaves the tube, it stops. This pulsation interferes with accurate metering, so we will try to improve it.

The stepper motor is controlled by a Raspberry PI PICO.
The control program is attached.
It receives color data from the M5Stack and sends control signals to the 5 motor drivers.