Creating 3D Printer Parts

A project log for M5Stack Color Maker

With this device, you can copy the color of an object or create a new color with your imagination.

The device is divided into two parts:

The main body case and the pump unit. The left half of the main body case is used as the UI, while the right half holds the plates and mixes the paints.

The pump unit has five tube pumps and five syringes for the paint tanks attached to the stand. 5 tanks and pumps are used to supply water in addition to the four CMYK colors.
Watercolors use not only the paint, but also the white of the underlying construction paper to produce the color. To take advantage of the white color of the paper, water is mixed with the paint to control the transparency of the paint.

The 3D printer is a Kingroon KP3S and the material used is PLA.