​ Final step of assembly

A project log for M5Stack Color Maker

With this device, you can copy the color of an object or create a new color with your imagination.

AIRPOCKET@rastaman vibrationAIRPOCKET@rastaman vibration 10/12/2021 at 01:040 Comments

Up to this point, the main unit and the pump unit have been assembled.

The last step is to connect the main unit and the pump unit.

Connect the connector of the stepper motor to the connector of the main unit.

Attach the tube extending from the pump to the tube clamp.

The M5Stack Color Maker is now complete.

Let's test it by turning it on.

Power is provided by a USB cable connected to the M5Stack or Raspberry Pi Pico.
Since they share the same 5V USB power supply, you can just plug the cable into either one.

Let's try using the SCAN and Color Make functions to see if the UI and pump work.