Soldering up a couple of badges

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DIY Badge for Remoticon.2

Thomas FlummerThomas Flummer 11/07/2021 at 19:581 Comment

Today was getting a few boards soldered up

First a layer of solder paste. I use the Loctite GC10, that is pretty easy to work with, and can be kept at room temperature.

All the parts are placed with tweezers, greatly assisted by the Interactive HTML BOM for KiCad

Half way through reflow, where some of the paste has melted. I'm just using a residential hotplate, and the heat isn't that even, so I move the PCB a little to make sure everything gets enough heat.

The two badges after hand soldering the SMT spacers, the joysticks, USB throughole pins and the screen.

Shown here fittet with a RISC-V MicroMod


deʃhipu wrote 11/07/2021 at 20:30 point

What are those buttons? They look a lot like the nice clicky mouse button switches, but I couldn't find those in SMD version anywhere.

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