Uploading Sensor Data to ThingSpeak

A project log for Solar Powered WiFi Weather Station V3.0

ESP32 based Open Source Weather Station

open-green-energyOpen Green Energy 10/07/2021 at 14:570 Comments

First, create an account on ThingSpeak.

Then create a new Channel on your ThingSpeak account.

Find How to Create a New Channel Fill Field 1 as Temperature, Field 2 as Humidity, Field 3 Pressure, Field 4 as UV Index, Field 5 as Wind Speed, Field 6 as Wind Direction, Field 7 as Rain Fall, and Field 8 as Battery Voltage

In your ThingSpeak account select “Channel” and then “My Channel”.

Click on your channel name.

Click on “API Keys” tab and copy the “Write API Key”

Open the Solar_Weather_Station_ThingSpeak code.

Replace the “WRITE API ”with the copied “Write API Key”.