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A project log for Rubidium 2.0

This is an all in one spectrum and logic analyzer, robotics control platform, and modular synthesizer with audio in and sheet music out!

glgormanglgorman 10/20/2021 at 11:490 Comments

Pascal running on real Apple II hardware.  No big deal.  In my all too ample spare time I suppose that I could actually get the PS/2 keyboard to Apple IIe interface working, or I could just simply buy one already made, I think that there are some other people who might still be making them and selling them.  Otherwise, a big mess of wires is kind of hard to manage, but not impossible. 

But would be a lot more fun to just simply bite the bullet and try to find a replacement keyboard case for the IIe, and go pure retro - with a genuine Apple II compatible SCSI  drive in a beige case + the scarce as hen's teeth Dou Disk floppies?  Now as it turns out - I would actually like to be able to access my Pascal stuff from my college days, but it's not a high priority.  Now, remember - jealousy is a green monster - but maybe it could be beige, under the right circumstances. 

Of course, if I were to yank the ROMs from the SCSI card - even though the code type is 6502; it might serve as a basis for a very lightweight SCSI driver for Arduino, or Propeller. Not that Linux doesn't have some nice open-source codes that can simply be downloaded and read - but as always - that stuff is too bloated to run on an Arduino or a Propeller.