This is a quick and dirty piece of C++ that I have put together to plot a page of sheet music in at least some rudimentary, but recognizable form, and which will be used with to capture and display data generated by "logarithmic" real time spectrum analyzer, i.e., as an alternative way of viewing audio data. Copyright 2021 Gerold Lee Gorman. MIT/GNU/LGPL license. Enjoy!

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Quick test of the music notation printing capability that I am adding to the C++ build of the Propeller Debug Terminal for use when working with spectrum analyzer modes.

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This is a C++ port of the Pascal "procedure" DECLARATIONPART from the UCSD Pascal p-system. Please see the release notes provided by the University of California, San Diego, for licensing information and permissions with respect to the original Pascal source. Please note that you WIILL NOT be able to get this to compile AND run without the correct C++ header files, among other things. Snake Oil, Smoke and Mirrors, etc. optional.

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This is the header file for the backend of a simple calculator application, which is being used to demonstrate and develop techniques for creating an emulated (or simulated) CPU/ALU/FPU. See the project logs for further details. Copyright 2021 Gerold Lee Gorman. This is free software made available under the GNU/MIT/LGPL compiler or library licenses.

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This is the current C++ source code for simulating an FPU (floating point unit) which is an extension of the fake_cpu project, which in turn demonstrates how it is possible to implement an ALU which uses nothing but NOR gates in its operation.

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Simulation of a so called "fake cpu" or actually more like an "ALU" which tries to get away with using only NOR as the only arithmetic operation. 32-bit addition, subtraction, and logical operations are currently supported, as is 8-bit and 16 bit multiplication, although this is not fully tested. Known to compile on the Parallax Propeller P2, as well as in Visual Studio. Have Fun!

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This is the entire source file for the "confiig-file-browser" object discussed in the Logs. This file is from the Lazarus Free Pascal 2.0 distribution is is available as free software.

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