Round Two

A project log for Witch-on-a-Wire Cable Bot

A cable-cam-inspired robot to fly a witch, or other lightweight ghoul, over unwary tricksters.

GageGage 10/10/2021 at 23:480 Comments

Ok, so this one isn't as pretty (yet) , but before I went down a rabbit hole to make it look pretty I wanted to validate the new 12VDC motor, lock-up arms, and new momentum switch (which is possible to assemble now). I also added a "safety" hook above the drive wheel in the hopes that it would prevent a fall during a derail event.

The blue thing is my second pass at a rope-stop, which still isn't immovable enough to act as the "stop". However, when I held it in place on as the cable bot approached the impact easily actuated the new momentum-switch. Double win on the new switch and motor.
The new lock-up arms work nicely too.

Now to get rid of the duct tape and add under voltage cutoff. Actually my brother, Kyle, had a great idea that I should connect the cut off circuit in to only "kill" power in one motor direction. This would increase the chances that the battery cuts out with the cable bot on one end of the run, instead of in the middle somewhere.