Health impact

A project log for Anteneh’s Jerry Can

A new kind of Jerry can for water transport for rural areas that ease the pain for the person carrying the load with lower cost.

Anteneh GashawAnteneh Gashaw 10/25/2021 at 06:400 Comments

In the development of this project I have asked many experts of different fields to consider every possible aspect of problem I can solve on making easy to carry the Jerry Can. When I asked a local doctor for his opinion concerning the health impact of carrying Anteneh's Jerry Can vs the standard Jerry Can, he said "it is preferred no one to carry water at all but if one must do it for survival I prefer the Anteneh's Jerry Can because I can not think of any damages caused by carrying your product except a little body exhaustion depending on the carrier strength. It great product; there is no problem on the biological aspect".