Anteneh's Ventilation against COVID-19

This project is about building a new kind of ventilation system that prevents spread of COVID-19 in indoor.

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I have built new kind of ventilation system for indoor that prevents transmission of COVID through air circulation due to ventilation equipment that help us stay cool and safe.
This project has huge impact for the halt and/ or slowing future disease outbreaks transmitted trough air. This is because it breaks the transmission means in crowded indoor places where peoples cannot keep their distance apart by making sure the exhaled air of a certain person sitting on a specific spot will not be inhaled by a person sitting next to the spot before the air is filtered. This is very important because even if there is airborne diseases outbreak worse than the COVID-19, the transmission will be significantly controlled big time. (original project page)


 Ventilators are very important equipments in an indoor environment. They help us stay cool, warm and breathe filtered air. But the very device we relay up on to keep us safe from air bourn pandemic have become the major liability because indoor air filtration system before filtering the air will help the virus move from one place to another on the process of air circulation. In an indoor café, restaurant, school or office, people sit in rows and columns separated by desks or tables. If one person sitting on the last bench has the COVID-19 virus and the air filtration inlet is on the other side of the person infected with the COVID19, the ventilation system will make the COVID-19 virus found on the exhaled air of the infected person travel all over the room because of the inevitable circulation characteristics of the system. This problem has been found and reported in many indoors in many countries of the world during this short period of time. 


I have built new kind of ventilation system for indoor that prevents transmission of COVID through air circulation due to ventilation equipments that help us stay cool. This is done by separating the circulation process of air filtration by taking out exhaled air through different path from the path it originally came after it is filtered by using multiple small suction hoses or pipes installed at different positions which will prevent the exhaled air travel from one side of the room to another spreading the COVID virus before it is filtered in ventilation system. We install one suction pipe in each desk or table in gathering indoor places like café, restaurant, school and office. Each suction pipes are connected to each other to be directed in to a header. The header will be connected to an exhaust fan which will be connected to the room air filtration system. When a person sitting in a specific table breaths out, the exhaled air will be sucked into the suction pipe on that specific table preventing any chance of infection to the person sitting on the next table who is in the way of the air circulation path to the ventilation equipment.      

When one or multiple desks or tables with installed suction hose or pipe are not being used because no one is sitting in that spot, there is a valve that closes the pipe or hose opening. This will save power consumption and it will increase the suction capacity of the other tables because the closed pipes will be vacuumed.   


The main targeted markets for this product are all places where people gather for long period of time for work and/ or recreation. These include the following places but not limited to;

  • Schools,
  • Public libraries, 
  • Conference halls,
  • Cafés,
  • Bars, 
  • Restaurants,
  • Offices,
  • Clubs,
  • Stadiums and so many more

The market targets of this project listed above are very important for the economic survival and fulfillment of the basic need of a society. The impacts on the society due to the collapse of these industries have been seen in the recent COVID-19 crisis. According to resources "The International Monetary Fund has scaled back its estimate of the hit to the global economy from Covid-19 this year but warned that the final bill for the pandemic would total $28tn (£21.5tn) in lost output.  Gita Gopinath, the IMF’s economic counsellor, described coronavirus as the worst crisis since the Great Depression, and said the pandemic would leave deep and enduring scars caused by job losses, weaker investment and children being deprived of education." This lose are results of the summation of lose of the above listed industries.

Prior arts

There have been some developments for controlling the spread of airborne pandemic COVID-19 in indoors but as we have seen from the up to date crisis none of the solutions...

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  • 1 × PVC pipe number depends on installation site
  • 1 × Fittings T- Connection, elbow, reducers
  • 1 × Suction fan, or Ventilation fan can be modifierd and specs vary depending on installation site

  • Caution

    Anteneh Gashaw10/24/2021 at 09:21 0 comments

    This project is very important for safety but it also comes with a caution. If one point of the pipe after connection of each suction hose is damaged and have an air gap, there is a small risk that an air with concentrated infectious particles could come out. For that reason it is safe if the pipe lines is installed with some cover like installing it under ground level but if it is not possible it will be fine if the pipe lines is built for stronger material.

  • Vehicle application of the mechanism

    Anteneh Gashaw10/24/2021 at 09:06 0 comments

    The core principle of Anteneh's Ventilation against COVID-19 can also be applied in vehicles for partitioning the air out let from the driver's seat with the back passenger sit by installing two suction hose in front seat and rear passenger sit. This also can be applied for public buses, trains and others. 

  • Power consumption

    Anteneh Gashaw10/24/2021 at 08:40 0 comments

    Some peoples have asked me if the power consumption of the Anteneh's Ventilation against COVID-19 mechanism is high enough to be hard to implement in places where there is less financial capacity. The best aspect of this mechanism is it runs with very lower power consumption. This is because pushing air via pipe is not same as pushing water. Air is very light weight that even it can be operated using solar system. This makes it a green technology with financially feasible system.

  • Disinfection process

    Anteneh Gashaw10/24/2021 at 08:31 0 comments

    Since the inner side of the pipe lines of the Anteneh's Ventilation against COVID-19 will contain many infectious particles when transporting the sucked air to filtration or exhaust, some disinfection can be applied in some time intervals which can be in per some period of months. This disinfection can be done by passing disinfectant solution with in the piping system so that the solution can clean it up for safety.

  • Phase two

    Anteneh Gashaw10/24/2021 at 08:16 0 comments

    In phase two of this project the second prototype of Anteneh's Ventilation against COVID-19 will be implemented in medium cafe or school room. The air suction capacity will be seen visually because a distinctive different colored smokes will be released from each table so that any one can see each smokes released from each table will be sucked completely in their respective table through the suction mechanism installed. This will be very important step to prove the mechanism efficiency via a visual means. 

  • For hospitals and treatment centers

    Anteneh Gashaw10/24/2021 at 08:08 0 comments

    The core working principle of Anteneh's Ventilation against COVID-19 can be used for hospitals and treatment centers especially for patients with airborne disease being treated in a shared room or mass treatment hall. This is doing by installing air suction hose or pipe at each treatment bed, connecte each suction hose to each other and connect the combined pipe with air suction mechanism. This will be very important to prevent possible transmission of infectious particles from one patient bed to the next via air.

  • Air suction mechanism

    Anteneh Gashaw10/24/2021 at 07:42 0 comments

    The air suction mechanism for the Anteneh's Ventilation against COVID-19 can be done in two ways. The first one is using an air suction fan but the fitting system when installed in the piping system must be inverted so that air is sucked out from the pipe lines connected to each tables. The second one is using standard air blowing fans fitted in to the piping system in unmodified connection into the in let of the fan with the out let of the pipeline so that air is blown out from the pipe line which are connected to each table to out side that maybe connected to the air filter unit.

  • Transformability of the project

    Anteneh Gashaw10/18/2021 at 13:55 0 comments

    This invention has an impact beyond solving the transmission path of COVID-19 or any pandemics that will occur in the future. In full capacity of Anteneh's Ventilation against COVID-19 mechanism, recreational places like restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and other places people who smoke tobacco products will enable to enjoy without any restrictions because the suction in each table will prevent the smoke coming from the tobacco products from going to the next table preventing second hand smoke which will harm health. In another case at it's maximum capacity people in recreational places will not have to feel ashamed when they fart because the smell will be sucked at each table preventing the gas from going to the next table. This will transform the ventilation system in to another level. 

  • I GOT SHORTLISTED BY British Council #impactafrica

    Anteneh Gashaw10/08/2021 at 08:49 0 comments

  • Project progress

    Anteneh Gashaw10/08/2021 at 08:48 0 comments

    Here we come Los Angeles, California.... Anteneh's Ventilation against COVID-19 has big shot!!! ...

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